Not this time

How have you been in 2010? For my own sake, it’s great. But I don’t think it goes for everyone.

Valve really lives up to its reputation so it’s winning the fight against the wow Mojang AB in the competition Game Developer of the Year 2011 raised by Escapist Magazine. Well, good for Valve, it would almost make it again since it was the champion last year in the same contest in which I voted for Valve in the semi-final against Zynda which is developing games for Facebook and MySpace.

However, if we would say that it won 2010 for its Left 4 Dead 2 then how will Valve get itself equipped this year? Of course we have trailers of Portal 2 and announcements of DOTA 2, but is this all Valve can come up with to earn its prestige for the past 2010? While what is the situation of its opponents? Fantastic is BioWare that it brought us the epic Mass Effect 2, surely it has been blowing everyone’s mind that StarCraft 2 was published last year.

Is Escapist going to be a brilliant predictor? Because Portal 2 won’t be released until a few days after the contest ends. Thanks to the giant Steam forums, threads come up to call people to vote when Valve has made it semi-final after easily beaten Relic with Retribution and even Crytek with its new fascinating CryEngine 3.

It is very clear to me that this is a competition to choose the most successful developer in a single year not in a era of ten years or more, because it’s brought up every single year and named Developer of the YEAR. Please help me figure out how all of this makes sense.

After all, this is not pathetic, at least we have got a lot of free updates for several Valve games, you know what is pathetic? Can anybody tell me why Mojang AB could make its way to the semi-final this year? It’s barely nothing there on its Wiki page,, with only one game published and another two in development in all its history? Are you kidding me? Then how about Rovio Mobile with Angry Birds?

What I can see from this contest is people’s likes and dislikes but not developer of the year. BioWare and Blizzard are absolutely more outstanding in 2010 than Valve or Mojang AB, it’s a shame that one of the former ones will be gone and no matter which it is, it is better than the latter ones, one of which will stand out in the next round.

I’m not showing my dislike of Valve or Mojang AB, to be frank, I love Valve. BUT I won’t vote this time because I can’t see any justice in the contest this year.

I am sooooooo fed up!

When every and each software company are working on how to get their softwares more efficient and functioning, one of the biggest tycoon of internet industry in China which is called Tecent is just focusing all its energy and attention on plagiarizing applications developed by other companies like Mirabilis, which developed the first IM software ICQ(I seek you) in the world, and adding useless applications regardless of software functioning and source consuming ceaselessly.

QQ, which is originally called QICQ, is an IM software dominating this very area in China developed by Tecent. Founded in 1998, Tecent got really a good time of growing to an internet tycoon during the last 12 years. I began to use QQ when I graduated from high school in the summer, 2006, which I was some lag behind peers of my age. I chatted with 90% of the people I know using QQ, yeah, of course I got like 300 friends in my QQ list at one time. It benefited even more after I went to college, because I was able to chat with friends around the 3rd biggest country in the world whenever I wanted to.

Apparently I knew QQ before ICQ, MSN, which was really a pity for me.

Now I don’t want to use it for one more second. Because I’m angry, I’m angry at Tecent’s keeping plagiarizing applications developed by other firms without feeling any gilt to change this situation, I’m angry at Tecent’s spending their every penny on adding new applications without any spare time on optimizing the software in efficiency and source consuming, I’m angry at Tecent’s greed of money because they spare no energy in advertising everywhere even at every corner of your chatting window.

Since logging in QQ was my very first thing when I started a computer with internet connection, I’ll never do that again. Actually after I reinstalled the OS this afternoon I made a very very tough decision which is I am not going to install QQ on my computer. Tough it is because it’ll difficult to keep in touch with every friend of mine constantly, but I’ll persuade more people to go to Gtalk, MSN or whatever.

Of course, I am and will keep doing this until I do not feel compelled to!