To Maggie,

Will you smile after all this? Will you smile like before after I leave?

… …

I met with her two years ago, we sit in the same room. We had few words at that times, not because I couldn’t speak, we just shared little time or space. But there are some things I know for sure, she smiles a lot, she is lovely and I like her.

I don’t remember when it started, we began to talk a little bit. I want to thank her roommate, who sits in another room, she wanted her to be a messenger, because her roommate had a thing for me. I’m sorry but I have to say I never cared about her roommate inside. Maybe I faked sometimes, that’s all because I could spend more time with her, my angel.

The feelings for her become even much stronger since I knew that I’m going to leave this city, which I’ve lived in for seven years. But I don’t know how to express, maybe it’s the best to hide it from the first and just far watch the most beautiful scene in the world, angel smiling.

She has feelings for me, which makes me nervous and careful. I don’t want hard feelings in the end, I just want her to be happy all the time, I don’t want to see her lonely, I just want her to be loved.

The mistake has been made. I was a little drunk but completely sobered in mind. Now she knows my feelings and I know her thoughts. We will end up with nothing, which we both understand from the very beginning. My precious angel, can you take this? Will you cry? I intended to be a silent guardian but I failed.

Your smile is the most beautiful thing I can see in my life. I just can’t describe in words how much I love your smile. Do you know how touching and heart-warming your smile is? Can you feel that yourself? Every time you smile, I just can’t move my sight away. Is this what magic is? I feel happy, warm and cheered-up. It makes me feel that I’m freshly alive, full of energy and passion.

My heart melts.

… …

Forgive me, baby, forgive me for not being able to control my feelings, forgive me for not being able to stay by your side.

I’m sure you’ll be happy for the rest of your life. There must be some other guy feeling the same about you like me. He will be moved by your smile, he will love you with all his heart, he will give you all happiness in life. He will be the luckiest man in the world and you will be the happiest woman.

I’ll start a new life in a strange city, pursuing a good future and looking for true meaning of life. And you, my angel, will bravely move forward, smiling like always, to embrace beautiful life.

Take care and be happy!

Loving you forever.


I found myself noble……

Recently I bought two indie games on Steam, Toki Tori and RUSH which I didn’t want to own eagerly in the 2011 Summer Sale. There were two reasons why I bought them.

a) They are good games(not as amazing as Braid or World of Goo), but they were really cheap during the Summer Sale, $1.24 each, absolutely a steal for a game with occasionally free updates and Steam achievements;

b) They come from the same developer, Two Tribes, which is very small and has only two games on sale on Steam. They were to small and too poor to put their great games on the Steam storefront on any of Summer Sale days, Toki Tori and RUSH are good games and I thought I could buy them for such low prices and offer some support for a small growing developer.

The games are good but not good enough for me to put them in my Steam game library, while $2.48 was not a big figure for me since I had bought thousands of US dollars worth games on Steam. And I bought it mostly because I wanted to show my support and see Two Tribes grow and flourish in the near future and come up with more fascinating video games.

Gossip Girl

TV series Gossip Girl is very popular among young people including me, a 24 years old lonely boy.

Extremely luxurious life in up east side of NYC is very much attractive. Besides, the perfect figure of Serina, although I think there is some fake in her chest, the angel-like face of Blair, charming Chuck, handsome Nate and lovely Dan, all these gorgeous are really refreshing.

I like Gossip Girl very much, not just because all the beauties above. Actually, the exhausting intrigue against one another, hypocrisy deep in their minds and the complex messy relationships do not cater to my taste quite well. While there is something special that really makes me feel good. The beginning, which is always sweet no matter what bad things just happened in the last episode, is really admirable. I must say that smile from the very beginning is very sweet.

“You know you love me, XOXO, Gossip Girl”, hope you’ll like it.