I found myself noble……

Recently I bought two indie games on Steam, Toki Tori and RUSH which I didn’t want to own eagerly in the 2011 Summer Sale. There were two reasons why I bought them.

a) They are good games(not as amazing as Braid or World of Goo), but they were really cheap during the Summer Sale, $1.24 each, absolutely a steal for a game with occasionally free updates and Steam achievements;

b) They come from the same developer, Two Tribes, which is very small and has only two games on sale on Steam. They were to small and too poor to put their great games on the Steam storefront on any of Summer Sale days, Toki Tori and RUSH are good games and I thought I could buy them for such low prices and offer some support for a small growing developer.

The games are good but not good enough for me to put them in my Steam game library, while $2.48 was not a big figure for me since I had bought thousands of US dollars worth games on Steam. And I bought it mostly because I wanted to show my support and see Two Tribes grow and flourish in the near future and come up with more fascinating video games.


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