Whose joke is it?

People from the U.S. think the math section of entrance exam of Harvard University in 1869 makes SAT or GRE kind of a joke, while this does not mean the former is not a joke. Actually the math section of SAT or GRE is a joke for most Chinese students, and after a view of the test in 1869 I think it’s still a joke for Chinese high school students.

And so what? From Hacker News, I learned about a website called Quizlet this morning, which was developed five years ago by a sophomore high school student who is now planning to drop out from MIT in order to make his website better. Brilliant, it’s an amazing site which can also help me with my upcoming GRE.

In America, people are able to earn their social or career reputations when they’re teenagers or even kids. They are taught to do adults’ stuff, to make money and to make a fame. Look at us, what are we doing? Everything from paper stays on paper. I also earned my reputation when I was a teenager, of course, in paper.

Whose joke is it? Shit!